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yes we can

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When Hairy Met Shaggy

This is absolutely funny.  Enjoy,

This year I did many things out of the ordinary.

One thing I did recently was I went to work as a wrapper in a florist shop, Ah Sam Florist, before Mother’s Day.

Well, for years I have a love for flowers and I had taken a couple of floral arranging classes before, including hand-tie bouquet, wedding, and Ikebana (Japanese floral arranging). I had for a brief time a sideline business doing floral baskets.

So, being in a floral shop felt like home for me.

The first day I worked about 4 hours.

It was so much fun. Time flied by quickly.

You know, after the designer created their masterpieces, we have to put the arrangement securely in a paper cartoon box for the delivery people. And that’s my job. We have three sizes: A, B, and C box. The shape and layout of the cartoon was very creative: the two flaps have some cutout like the sun rays going outwards, and this flap can be put inside to form a bowl shape for the vase to go in, or the flap can be put outside to cushion taller vases.

That day me and another wrapper, Maria, were actually working at the front desk area. The sweet memories when I was learning to do flowers, my going to the flower market before the crack of dawn to select materials for my baskets all come back to me. When I saw those tulips, horsetails, calla lillies, roses, orchids, etc: they are like old friends.

One time, the designer brought out an arrangement so exquisite and breathtaking, I was in seven heaven. That was a $250 arrangement and so there was quite a stir and we (other ladies at the front desk) couldn’t help admiring and commenting. One said: “OOh, we have to take a picture of this…”, and she proceeded to ask another lady to find someone to take the picture.

The second day I worked about eight hours. We were so busy; Maria and I must have wrapped over 250 arrangements. My feet was getting tired, and I kept having paper cuts at the same spot on my middle finger. The wound was getting bigger and I had to tie a paper napkin to stop the bleeding.

In the morning of the second day, there were a bride and groom-to-be coming in to pick up their wedding bonquet and corsages for the wedding that afternoon. She was glowing with happiness and they were so very pleased with their flowers. She sent a small gift to the designer, and the designer came out to congratulate them.

And later, there was a guy who sent his sweetheart roses and I was blowing up a big, red, heart balloon for him. He was grinning from ear to ear watching us. Seeing him, I was very happy as well. I thought, wow, what fun. I get paid to do all these.

This shop is in the local area. I pass by the location many times and never realizes how big they are. This family business has a green house, a large warehouse, back room for designers, and a cooler room for the flowers. The space for employee parking was full of cars. I was told there are some 60 spaces.

They have been in business for 75 years.

Holy cow.

Can’t you believe? 75 years and still going strong.

One of the brothers of the family (Shawn?) came out to the back room to find me. He was curious as to why I contacted them in the first place.

So we had a chat about my studies, etc. and how I enjoy to be in the floral shop environment where I can see all these artistic arrangements. He told me they have seasonal workers coming from different vocation just to work a few days before Christmas because they would decorate their shop way ahead and the setting and atmosphere are so festive and warm.

Anyway, I made $119 and at the end of the second day, Shawn sent me away with a very pretty orchid plant for Mother’s Day, which I gave to my mother

All in all, I have very good time in this two-day adventure.

I also have an appreciation about the quality design and fresh flowers that Ah Sam has provided.

If you have a hobby or special interest that you are passionate about, why not work in such a shop for a few days? I am sure the experience will take the stresses out of your regular job and give you a newer appreciation and perspective about that hobby of yours.

Today I accompanied someone to a doctor appointment. While in the waiting room, I was forced to watch a TV program that was preset by the staff there.

It was on a local TV show, and you know those soap live shows and the program is about some young women who have had kids where the IDENTITY of the father could not be known. And I’m not kidding you there was this woman who had some 34 guys go through paternity test to find out who her kid’s daddy is.

The show was a total ridicule!

How could a woman sleep around that much, and still she sees fit to appear in a TV show to broadcast the fact that she does not have any clue as to who fathers her child?

I felt disgusted to watch as this 34th guy overjoyed to find out he is not the one after the result was declared, and this mother went to the back stage (while still being filmed) to weep while the host consoled her.

I could not believe what possibly entertainment value there is in such a crappy show, but to my surprise, the audiences on the show seem to be wild with excitement and merriment.

Why such big TV network didn’t invest their money on some more meaningful and educational shows that reflect issues around the world?

Such a waste of time and resources!

What’s in a Name?

Wow, Modobs has tagged me again in her post “What’s in a Name?” Hey, thanks Jen, that would be fun!

The challenge is to go search on google, and find any images sharing your name, and pass this post and tag it on to 5 bloggers.

Now before I go find images of my name. First thing first. Let me explain a little about my real, given name.

The meaning of my given name has something to do with the color red and beautiful. I hate the name! I don’t want to be called beautiful, when some days I feel anything but, beautiful.

So, when I was abit older. I invented and gave myself a more poetic name, specifically to be used at doctor’s office.

When I started working for ease of other people calling me, I had to find a first, Christian name to use. I picked Eleanor because:


1) when translated into my language, Eleanor means a woman, the Lotus flower and hehe, someone who walks seductively and elegantly.

2) I like the characters when I write the name in my language

3) The name is actually selected not after the First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, but after the classy actress, Eleanor Parker. The Sound of Music is one of my favorite movies, and I have watched it over a dozen times, and so naturally I would never forget the name Eleanor and her beautiful face.

4) There are a few variations in spelling. Sometimes, people misspell me as Elenore, Elinor, etc., but I like the version Eleanor.

OK, I settle on the name.

Now come back to some of the images I found on google search:

Hahaha, except from the First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt,

we have, Eleanor of Castile,

Eleanor of Castile

An artist, Eleanor McGowan, with her vibrant painting and interpretation of, “I am the Sunset”

I am the Sunlight

a road

Eleanor Street

and these two cuties

a boat


lamp collection, rather interesting shapes with their flaring out branches, sort of leaves motifs.


china collection


a lake

a Beatles song, Eleanor Rigby

Last and not least, the “Gone in 60 Seconds” famed 1967 GT500 Eleanor Shelby Mustang. Why is such a muscle car named after Eleanor? Beats me. I guess even though Eleanor is a feminine name, it has strength and muscles, after all ūüôā

Now who can I tag? hehe, hummm, let me think about that later.


Modobs has posted a challenge for us, and that is “If you were left alone on a deserted island, which celebrity would you choose to spend the time with?”

That’s a¬†tough question, Modobs.

Thinking back, there are many celebrities I find attractive and have some kind of a crush on.

Men like:

  • Brad Pitt

  • John F Kennedy, Jr.

  • Sean Connery

  • Jake Gyllenhaal

  • Abhishek Bachchan

Brad Pitt: what can I say? He’s my voted sexist of the sexist man alive. He caught my fancy in the film, ‚ÄúA River Run Through It ‚Äú where he played the reckless gambler and drinker, and in Meet Joe Black, the Death who experienced first love with a human woman.

Guess I would always be attracted to man with a boyish appearance.

John F Kennedy, Jr., who is so elegant and refined, but unfortunately died in a plane crash.

Sean Connery: I always find mildly hairy-chest man attractive, and Sean was extremely sexy in his James Bond movies, and his legs, ooh ooohhh, but rumors has it he beats his wife and he’s been connected to a man’s death. ¬†

Also, I’ve been reminded that at his age, he wouldn’t be fit enough¬†to climb the coconut tree to bring me food, hahaha.. So, sorry, Sean, you are out.

Jake Gyllenhaal: there’s abit of an issue as the sex scene he did with Heath in the Brokeback Mountain was so real and that really stuck in my mind, and so I would feel really strange making love to him!¬† Nevertheless, he’s so gorgeous.

Moreover, according to wikipedia and I quote: “There is a also a speculation whether he’s bi-sexual, and when asked about the more intimate scenes with Ledger, Gyllenhaal likened them to “doing a sex scene with a woman I’m not particularly attracted to.”¬† With that cloud over his head, I would have to pass.

OK, who’s left?

Abhishek Bachchan, 31, son of an acclaimed Bollywood actor, Amitabh Bachchan . He attended school in Switzerland and Boston University. While at Boston University, he dropped out to pursue his acting career.


He has started acting since 2000.and has now been in over two dozen movies, and many of them has won him awards.

Not only is he one of the sought-after stars in Bollywood, Abhishek has also been named as Asia’s Sexiest Male of the Year 2006 by a British tabloid.¬†

Abhishek recently married Aishwarya Rai.  Like a Prince Charming, he rode on a white horse to pick up his bride on traditional Hindu rites.  Oh, so romantic!

Why do I deserve him?

  • He is East Indian, I’m Asian.

  • He stars in Bollywood movies, I love movies and Indian culture.

  • He speaks French, I adore French.

  • He’s over 6 feet, and I like man towering over me, make me feel protected.

What do I know about him?

Not much actually.¬† From what I can find out¬†he seems a decent, good man.¬† He’s¬†a mystery for me.¬† Especially whenever he¬† has that brooding and lost¬†look which I find so irresistible, and I wanted to reach out¬†to him.


Not only that, in recent years, I have found East Indian, Middle Eastern men so darn exotic and handsome.  They have those big, deep-set eyes, very defined facial structure, and those sexy, full lips.

Another thing I have to give it to Abhishek is:¬† normally I very much dislike men with beard or goatee.¬† He’s the only one I find attractive even unshaven.¬† Guess, that unshaven face gives him a dark, dangerous quality that is¬†very appealing.

In Hindu movies, it is very rare to see steamy, love scenes.  So, that gets me wondering feverishly what would it be like to be kissed and made love to Abhishek, and whether he would be a great lover and all ?!

So, if I were¬†left in a deserted island, Abhishek can sing me some sweet Hindu love songs, chase me around the island, carry me up the coconut tree, and I could lay in his arms, feeling safe and warm… humm…

OK, Modobs, now you have it.

Who can I tag this challenge to?¬† Hummm let’s see:¬† Samiha, I know you are taking a break now from blogging, but when you return, I would love to hear who would be the celebrity that you want to spend some time with and you would take this challenge.

Cherished Memories

Do you have some childhood memories that you had, like the first time you had chocolate or ice cream, or the first time you climbed a tree, rode a bike, that was so good that first time you did it, so it got stored in your memory bank forever, and even 10, 25 years later when you think of them, you still savor that experience as if that was the most delicious glasses of wine?

Well, when I was in my early teens, I joined a foreign film club, and incidentially that is a French film club.¬† So, we always¬†got together¬†on the weekends¬†to watch French film.¬† At the time, I didn’t¬†understand much about English much less French, as both are not my naive language.¬† And basically, I was watching and following the action and the drama without understanding much of what really was going on.¬†

However, I instantly fell head over heels with the language.  I think, wow, that is the most melodic, softly spoken, romantic and sexy language I have ever heard!

Le paradis blanc – Michel Berger

So I had watched many French films, some from the famed actress Catherine Deneuve. 

Later, when I tried to learn a foreign language, and French is of course on top of the list.

I actually took an university extension French course, and the materials used were from BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).¬† I can still vividly recall the first lesson, which comprises of three sections.¬†¬†First part¬†was a video episode which for that one was a TV competition of questions and answers.¬† In that episode the script was written to mock one contestent, a blonde woman, and every question being asked either she wasn’t sure of the answer, or answered it wrong,¬†or she¬†would just¬†say “je ne sais pas (I don’t know).”¬† And the last question, as she again shyly and hesitatingly said “je ne sais pas.” and the host¬†cheered “bravo, mademoiselle, c’est je ne sais pas!” and she won the competition.

French is such a beautiful, but¬†very¬†difficult to learn, language.¬† So, to this date, I can only say a few words.¬† But whenever I hear someone speak French on the street, my ears just perk up like a radar and I listen attentively, even though¬†I don’t understand what is being said.

Do you have any such first time experience that you have cherished and loved?