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Wow, Modobs has tagged me again in her post “What’s in a Name?” Hey, thanks Jen, that would be fun!

The challenge is to go search on google, and find any images sharing your name, and pass this post and tag it on to 5 bloggers.

Now before I go find images of my name. First thing first. Let me explain a little about my real, given name.

The meaning of my given name has something to do with the color red and beautiful. I hate the name! I don’t want to be called beautiful, when some days I feel anything but, beautiful.

So, when I was abit older. I invented and gave myself a more poetic name, specifically to be used at doctor’s office.

When I started working for ease of other people calling me, I had to find a first, Christian name to use. I picked Eleanor because:


1) when translated into my language, Eleanor means a woman, the Lotus flower and hehe, someone who walks seductively and elegantly.

2) I like the characters when I write the name in my language

3) The name is actually selected not after the First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, but after the classy actress, Eleanor Parker. The Sound of Music is one of my favorite movies, and I have watched it over a dozen times, and so naturally I would never forget the name Eleanor and her beautiful face.

4) There are a few variations in spelling. Sometimes, people misspell me as Elenore, Elinor, etc., but I like the version Eleanor.

OK, I settle on the name.

Now come back to some of the images I found on google search:

Hahaha, except from the First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt,

we have, Eleanor of Castile,

Eleanor of Castile

An artist, Eleanor McGowan, with her vibrant painting and interpretation of, “I am the Sunset”

I am the Sunlight

a road

Eleanor Street

and these two cuties

a boat


lamp collection, rather interesting shapes with their flaring out branches, sort of leaves motifs.


china collection


a lake

a Beatles song, Eleanor Rigby

Last and not least, the “Gone in 60 Seconds” famed 1967 GT500 Eleanor Shelby Mustang. Why is such a muscle car named after Eleanor? Beats me. I guess even though Eleanor is a feminine name, it has strength and muscles, after all 🙂

Now who can I tag? hehe, hummm, let me think about that later.


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