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Do you know which organ is directly linked to our being sexually competent or having those much-dreaded dysfunctions like premature ejaculation or impotence?

If you thought, “reproductive”, guess again.

I  recently read that according to Eastern philosophies kidney plays an indispensable role in our sexual as well as energy well-beings.  

These two cuties are the unsung hero if we have shiny, healthy hair or bounds and bounds of energies.  Most interestingly, if they are not in good condition, those embarrassing hiccups would pop up in the most inappropriate time.

That reminds me that once a Chinese herbal doctor teaches me a trick called “Kidney Rub.”

He says to avoid making too many trips to the bathroom during the
night, first rub your hands together to get them warm.  Inhale, hold your breath, then bend over abit and rub your kidneys up and down for about five minutes.   Exhale.  Do this twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.  You can do this sitting down.  That will give our kidneys a nice massage.

Another exercise you can do is a yoga exercise called “Modified Frog” pose.  This pose stimulates the muscles in the inner side of the legs and thighs resulting an improved ejaculation ability.  Since the pose can stimulate nerve cells in the groin and the urinary bladder, so it can directly improve sexual ability.

Many years back when I was learning yoga with a 63-old yogi master, every session he will lead us do this pose.  I didn’t know what the pose is good for then.

Sit on the floor, your toes and sole of the feet touching each other, place your hands on the knee.  Then, bend the knee downward as much as possible so the knee, thigh, legs and feet are horizontal to the floor.  Exhale, pressing palms on the knees.

With hand grabbing the big toe (left hand on left toe, etc.) as you exhale, bring the toes upward until the toes are touching your forehead.  Now breathe easily and smoothly for 15 seconds.  Then inhale and bring the feet down slowly.  And relax.

The focus while doing is on the genitals.  Do six times.

Note, depending on your flexibility, your knee may not touch the ground.  Mine doesn’t.  Just do it as much as you can go.  Don’t force yourself.

Yoga believes that by practicing and maintaining life force energy, any man can be sexually capable even in their 90’s or 100.

Forget about Viagra.

Try this and be a confident lover.


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