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Do you think dreams are only dreams, fantasy, and mere thoughts that cannot come true?

Do you believe you can think your ways to success, better health, prosperity, and to get anything you want?

Yes you can.

With a little bit help from your friends, and many years of scientific research…

Now you can.

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Imagine if you could program up dreams for yourself that actually HEAL your mind and body?

Imagine how useful it could be to attract luck and be given ‘urges’ and ‘hunches’ to create financial windfalls in your life?

Imagine you could bring back the closeness and passion with your partner, or attract a new romantic partner?

Wow, wouldn’t your life be wonderful?

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Change the World Remotely?

Do you believe you can change the world?

For the better?

Yes, certainly. And, even remotely…..

Just by changing your energy, happiness and “love” levels.

Read more here.

Let’s do it.

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Today I accompanied someone to a doctor appointment. While in the waiting room, I was forced to watch a TV program that was preset by the staff there.

It was on a local TV show, and you know those soap live shows and the program is about some young women who have had kids where the IDENTITY of the father could not be known. And I’m not kidding you there was this woman who had some 34 guys go through paternity test to find out who her kid’s daddy is.

The show was a total ridicule!

How could a woman sleep around that much, and still she sees fit to appear in a TV show to broadcast the fact that she does not have any clue as to who fathers her child?

I felt disgusted to watch as this 34th guy overjoyed to find out he is not the one after the result was declared, and this mother went to the back stage (while still being filmed) to weep while the host consoled her.

I could not believe what possibly entertainment value there is in such a crappy show, but to my surprise, the audiences on the show seem to be wild with excitement and merriment.

Why such big TV network didn’t invest their money on some more meaningful and educational shows that reflect issues around the world?

Such a waste of time and resources!

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Wow, Modobs has tagged me again in her post “What’s in a Name?” Hey, thanks Jen, that would be fun!

The challenge is to go search on google, and find any images sharing your name, and pass this post and tag it on to 5 bloggers.

Now before I go find images of my name. First thing first. Let me explain a little about my real, given name.

The meaning of my given name has something to do with the color red and beautiful. I hate the name! I don’t want to be called beautiful, when some days I feel anything but, beautiful.

So, when I was abit older. I invented and gave myself a more poetic name, specifically to be used at doctor’s office.

When I started working for ease of other people calling me, I had to find a first, Christian name to use. I picked Eleanor because:


1) when translated into my language, Eleanor means a woman, the Lotus flower and hehe, someone who walks seductively and elegantly.

2) I like the characters when I write the name in my language

3) The name is actually selected not after the First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, but after the classy actress, Eleanor Parker. The Sound of Music is one of my favorite movies, and I have watched it over a dozen times, and so naturally I would never forget the name Eleanor and her beautiful face.

4) There are a few variations in spelling. Sometimes, people misspell me as Elenore, Elinor, etc., but I like the version Eleanor.

OK, I settle on the name.

Now come back to some of the images I found on google search:

Hahaha, except from the First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt,

we have, Eleanor of Castile,

Eleanor of Castile

An artist, Eleanor McGowan, with her vibrant painting and interpretation of, “I am the Sunset”

I am the Sunlight

a road

Eleanor Street

and these two cuties

a boat


lamp collection, rather interesting shapes with their flaring out branches, sort of leaves motifs.


china collection


a lake

a Beatles song, Eleanor Rigby

Last and not least, the “Gone in 60 Seconds” famed 1967 GT500 Eleanor Shelby Mustang. Why is such a muscle car named after Eleanor? Beats me. I guess even though Eleanor is a feminine name, it has strength and muscles, after all ūüôā

Now who can I tag? hehe, hummm, let me think about that later.

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Cherished Memories

Do you have some childhood memories that you had, like the first time you had chocolate or ice cream, or the first time you climbed a tree, rode a bike, that was so good that first time you did it, so it got stored in your memory bank forever, and even 10, 25 years later when you think of them, you still savor that experience as if that was the most delicious glasses of wine?

Well, when I was in my early teens, I joined a foreign film club, and incidentially that is a French film club.¬† So, we always¬†got together¬†on the weekends¬†to watch French film.¬† At the time, I didn’t¬†understand much about English much less French, as both are not my naive language.¬† And basically, I was watching and following the action and the drama without understanding much of what really was going on.¬†

However, I instantly fell head over heels with the language.  I think, wow, that is the most melodic, softly spoken, romantic and sexy language I have ever heard!

Le paradis blanc – Michel Berger

So I had watched many French films, some from the famed actress Catherine Deneuve. 

Later, when I tried to learn a foreign language, and French is of course on top of the list.

I actually took an university extension French course, and the materials used were from BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation).¬† I can still vividly recall the first lesson, which comprises of three sections.¬†¬†First part¬†was a video episode which for that one was a TV competition of questions and answers.¬† In that episode the script was written to mock one contestent, a blonde woman, and every question being asked either she wasn’t sure of the answer, or answered it wrong,¬†or she¬†would just¬†say “je ne sais pas (I don’t know).”¬† And the last question, as she again shyly and hesitatingly said “je ne sais pas.” and the host¬†cheered “bravo, mademoiselle, c’est je ne sais pas!” and she won the competition.

French is such a beautiful, but¬†very¬†difficult to learn, language.¬† So, to this date, I can only say a few words.¬† But whenever I hear someone speak French on the street, my ears just perk up like a radar and I listen attentively, even though¬†I don’t understand what is being said.

Do you have any such first time experience that you have cherished and loved?

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I’ve been blogged down, the first time.¬† I’m supposed to list seven bloggers that I admire the most.

Since I’m fairly new to blogging; and although I love reading blogs I don’t have the luxury to read as many blogs as I would like to.

Yet, there is one blog, What’s Love Got to Do¬†With It¬†that I have consistently read.¬† I have so enjoyed her blog, the diverse¬†topics she writes, the perspective she shares, and the wide angle she covers .¬† Not to mention her writing style and her sense of humor.

There are many posts that crack me up. 

Like the recent one: Look What You’ve Done¬†where people make a fool of themselves after …

Some other ones like:

Is It Me You’re Looking For?¬†where women tend not to choose the more¬†attractive men to spend their lives…

Let Me Upgrade You¬†where she talks about wanting to change your partner…

And so, she has me as one of the¬†not-too-secret admirers¬† ūüėČ

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Today is one month anniversary since starting this blog, and I’m a proud mom.

For one, this is my first blog to the world, I’m so happy to share my thoughts and experiences¬†… yes, hello world and everyone.

Second, surprisingly but happily, during the first month, I’ve 1,013 hits.¬† To me, it’s quite an achievement to go over the 1,000 mark.¬†

OK, I’m not being modest here!

Since blogging, I have found and read many extremely interesting,  funny and well-written blogs. 

It just tickled me pink.

And last¬†but not least, one of my favorite blogs, What’s Love Got to Do With It, has tagged me as one of¬†her seven admired blogs, wow… I’m so touched and honored.

And so, Happy Anniversary.

To me and my baby …

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