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Modobs has posted a challenge for us, and that is “If you were left alone on a deserted island, which celebrity would you choose to spend the time with?”

That’s a tough question, Modobs.

Thinking back, there are many celebrities I find attractive and have some kind of a crush on.

Men like:

  • Brad Pitt

  • John F Kennedy, Jr.

  • Sean Connery

  • Jake Gyllenhaal

  • Abhishek Bachchan

Brad Pitt: what can I say? He’s my voted sexist of the sexist man alive. He caught my fancy in the film, “A River Run Through It “ where he played the reckless gambler and drinker, and in Meet Joe Black, the Death who experienced first love with a human woman.

Guess I would always be attracted to man with a boyish appearance.

John F Kennedy, Jr., who is so elegant and refined, but unfortunately died in a plane crash.

Sean Connery: I always find mildly hairy-chest man attractive, and Sean was extremely sexy in his James Bond movies, and his legs, ooh ooohhh, but rumors has it he beats his wife and he’s been connected to a man’s death.  

Also, I’ve been reminded that at his age, he wouldn’t be fit enough to climb the coconut tree to bring me food, hahaha.. So, sorry, Sean, you are out.

Jake Gyllenhaal: there’s abit of an issue as the sex scene he did with Heath in the Brokeback Mountain was so real and that really stuck in my mind, and so I would feel really strange making love to him!  Nevertheless, he’s so gorgeous.

Moreover, according to wikipedia and I quote: “There is a also a speculation whether he’s bi-sexual, and when asked about the more intimate scenes with Ledger, Gyllenhaal likened them to “doing a sex scene with a woman I’m not particularly attracted to.”  With that cloud over his head, I would have to pass.

OK, who’s left?

Abhishek Bachchan, 31, son of an acclaimed Bollywood actor, Amitabh Bachchan . He attended school in Switzerland and Boston University. While at Boston University, he dropped out to pursue his acting career.


He has started acting since 2000.and has now been in over two dozen movies, and many of them has won him awards.

Not only is he one of the sought-after stars in Bollywood, Abhishek has also been named as Asia’s Sexiest Male of the Year 2006 by a British tabloid. 

Abhishek recently married Aishwarya Rai.  Like a Prince Charming, he rode on a white horse to pick up his bride on traditional Hindu rites.  Oh, so romantic!

Why do I deserve him?

  • He is East Indian, I’m Asian.

  • He stars in Bollywood movies, I love movies and Indian culture.

  • He speaks French, I adore French.

  • He’s over 6 feet, and I like man towering over me, make me feel protected.

What do I know about him?

Not much actually.  From what I can find out he seems a decent, good man.  He’s a mystery for me.  Especially whenever he  has that brooding and lost look which I find so irresistible, and I wanted to reach out to him.


Not only that, in recent years, I have found East Indian, Middle Eastern men so darn exotic and handsome.  They have those big, deep-set eyes, very defined facial structure, and those sexy, full lips.

Another thing I have to give it to Abhishek is:  normally I very much dislike men with beard or goatee.  He’s the only one I find attractive even unshaven.  Guess, that unshaven face gives him a dark, dangerous quality that is very appealing.

In Hindu movies, it is very rare to see steamy, love scenes.  So, that gets me wondering feverishly what would it be like to be kissed and made love to Abhishek, and whether he would be a great lover and all ?!

So, if I were left in a deserted island, Abhishek can sing me some sweet Hindu love songs, chase me around the island, carry me up the coconut tree, and I could lay in his arms, feeling safe and warm… humm…

OK, Modobs, now you have it.

Who can I tag this challenge to?  Hummm let’s see:  Samiha, I know you are taking a break now from blogging, but when you return, I would love to hear who would be the celebrity that you want to spend some time with and you would take this challenge.


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Can you make love out of nothing at all?   No feeling involved, merely lust?

Can you be intimate with a complete stranger, knowing nothing about him, feeling nothing about him, not even being attracted to him one tiny bit?

Perhaps I’m an idealist, a romantic fool,  I know I can’t.

I used to think woman makes love mostly out of something, and man mostly out of nothing.

I once read a personal post about a man asking to meet women, by the number, #126?  Yuck.  Do you want to be a number in a man’s life?  Do you care?  Even how attractive or eligible he is?  I know I don’t.

I never can understand one night’s stand.  Or waking up in someone’s bed in the morning when you only met him the night before.

I guess I’m just old-fashioned.  Have things been changed?  Have we moved into the 21st century that monogamous is now so out-of-style?

All these one night stand, sex buddies, exchanging partners, multiple sex partners, orgies, incest, or sleeping with a married man/woman, your daughter-in-law or whoever, what has gotten into that good ol’  one-on-one love and faithfulness?

I have heard stories of how people boost about their sexual encounters.  They seem to think the more the better, the more the merrier?

Do people still care about loving or caring?  Are we so hedonistic that we don’t care that in so doing we are hurting some other persons along the way?

I agree sex is all good and pleasurable.  And I’m all for gaining new experiences, being adventurous?  But how do we cut the lines here?

Have women become a “deposit box”, and men a shooter? 

What do you think about all these?  Can you make love “out of nothing” at all?

Making Love Out of Nothing At All

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Can orgasm be triggered by a touch on the hand?

By a seductive voice or a mere word?

I once had a mysterious experience. I reached out to hold his hand. When mine touched his, ohh massive waves of pleasures came rushing down onto me. It was electrifying.

I don’t think he knew some extraordinary stuff to make me feel like that and I don’t think he realized it at the time, either. But, it was very powerful for me. Although I never understand it, I would never forget it.

It was magic!

Wendi Friesen demonstrated this in a Showtime Special with a girl, and also in another session with a group of 50 people that it was indeed possible to induce orgasm without having “real” sex. View a video clip as Wendi explains it here.

Wow, what would it be like if ….?

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If you were like me who see humor in any situation, life can be a lot of fun.

Once, we went to the movies.

Before going in, we made a trip to the rest room.

I led the way and went to the room on my right. My date automatically followed my lead and went to the one on the left. Then I looked up and saw the sign as I was pushing the door open, oh no, that is the Men’s Territory.

Alarmed, I immediately called out to him as he was about to go in, “it’s the wrong side!” and we swiftly exchanged places.

I went in and looked, whew, there was no one inside.

So I finished what I needed to do and came out. He was waiting for me outside.

I don’t know if anyone saw us. I thought that was quite funny.

Have you ever seen those hot, erotic movies scenes where couple have sex passionately, and dangerously in the public rest room?

Now in retrospect, hehe perhaps I should have pulled him into the Ladies Room so we can snatch a quickie there. Wow, wouldn’t that be naughty?

On top of being naughty, the delicious fear of being caught in any second just makes it much more exciting, and pleasurable!

Have you done anything naughty lately?

According to an interesting poll from MSNBC: “Have you ever Frolicked in a Forbidden Place” of 15,753 respondents 83% said they had sex in a public place and 5.4% were caught.

That just reminds me of reading in the news, and I’m not making it up, that a couple fell to deaths from rooftop of a tall building, naked!


My advice for the sake of safety, even in the heat of passion try to exercise some precautionary measures and be mindful of any potential danger while you are venturing out.

And hey, if you decide to make out on the rooftop, I know it’s not sexy but strap a parachute on your waist, OK?

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Couple at Sunset 

Do you know which organ is directly linked to our being sexually competent or having those much-dreaded dysfunctions like premature ejaculation or impotence?

If you thought, “reproductive”, guess again.

I  recently read that according to Eastern philosophies kidney plays an indispensable role in our sexual as well as energy well-beings.  

These two cuties are the unsung hero if we have shiny, healthy hair or bounds and bounds of energies.  Most interestingly, if they are not in good condition, those embarrassing hiccups would pop up in the most inappropriate time.

That reminds me that once a Chinese herbal doctor teaches me a trick called “Kidney Rub.”

He says to avoid making too many trips to the bathroom during the
night, first rub your hands together to get them warm.  Inhale, hold your breath, then bend over abit and rub your kidneys up and down for about five minutes.   Exhale.  Do this twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.  You can do this sitting down.  That will give our kidneys a nice massage.

Another exercise you can do is a yoga exercise called “Modified Frog” pose.  This pose stimulates the muscles in the inner side of the legs and thighs resulting an improved ejaculation ability.  Since the pose can stimulate nerve cells in the groin and the urinary bladder, so it can directly improve sexual ability.

Many years back when I was learning yoga with a 63-old yogi master, every session he will lead us do this pose.  I didn’t know what the pose is good for then.

Sit on the floor, your toes and sole of the feet touching each other, place your hands on the knee.  Then, bend the knee downward as much as possible so the knee, thigh, legs and feet are horizontal to the floor.  Exhale, pressing palms on the knees.

With hand grabbing the big toe (left hand on left toe, etc.) as you exhale, bring the toes upward until the toes are touching your forehead.  Now breathe easily and smoothly for 15 seconds.  Then inhale and bring the feet down slowly.  And relax.

The focus while doing is on the genitals.  Do six times.

Note, depending on your flexibility, your knee may not touch the ground.  Mine doesn’t.  Just do it as much as you can go.  Don’t force yourself.

Yoga believes that by practicing and maintaining life force energy, any man can be sexually capable even in their 90’s or 100.

Forget about Viagra.

Try this and be a confident lover.

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loveing couple


I recall seeing a Dannon yogurt commercial about a woman seeing herself in the mirror as a “pear” while a man with the smug expression seeing himself as Michelangelo’s David!

Granted, we are not Heidi Klum and we can’t expect to have such perfect 10 body. But woman like myself especially is very critical of her body. We can find minuscule faults and blemishes that nobody would have noticed all day long. Now, blame it on the fashion and the cosmetic industries, we are conditioned to hate our body.

When woman has small breasts, she thinks she is doomed and would try and take all sorts of breast enlargement measures, including plastic surgery and such potentially deadly silicone implants to make it fuller and bigger.

Just look at Pamela Anderson. I think what she originally got naturally was already gorgeous, but still she saw the need to augment her breasts to such exaggerated, out-of-proportion size.

I don’t know why our society is so fixated on bodily parts. If ours do not conform to the then society’s standard of aesthetics, we feel inferior and embarrassed.

Another thing we would never be happy with is our body weight, no matter what our weight is. Those extra, few more pounds become our obsession. How many BBW out there are really proud of their size?

Men, on the other hand, can breathe a little easier. I guess women don’t always blatantly stare, whistle and discuss a man’s body.

That reminds me about a study about what women noticed most in a man’s body? You would have thought one of those usual suspect, like chest, biceps, six packs, or that-you-know-what, is the winner .

HaHaHa, nothing can be further from the result.

So you can understand why I have developed this about-to-expose-my-imperfect-body-to-him syndrome. My anxiety grows as we get near to the moment of truth.

And, can I dare to wish my man would love me for whatever I am including my freckles, cellulite or the less-perfect-than-the-most-perfect breasts?

I sometimes can’t help pondering what is on his mind. Is he being too polite and considerate not to say that in my face but thinking to himself, “well, I had better close my eyes so I can enjoy more?”

I have been wondering.

Wondering how other people see themselves and what they do in this situation? Do they feel at all concerned, or a little ashamed?

The reason I’m saying this is, unfortunately, I am a perfectionist. And being a perfectionist is no fun matter because you would always have the dilemma about wanting to be perfect while on the other hand you know you are wasting too much time in attempting the impossible task of getting to that perfection.

PS    Alrighty, just when you are about to die from curiority, here is the most admired part in a man’s body,

    drum roll please, *^&%#*

And the winner goes to… the butt.

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Make Out in the Car

Summertime Cycling

I was dating this man.

For our third date, I asked what’s on the agenda? He asked me to think of something to do for our next date.

Well, being the creative little thing that I am, I thought of more than a dozen things, including hiking in the dark, wrestling, salsa dancing, camping out in the backyard dressing up as boys and girls scouts, among other things.

I also included “making out in the car.”

Humm, a male is a male. Of course, he jumped and took up that offer. In his words, “do some exploration in the back seat.”

I have never done that and he said he has never done that as well, so we figured that it would be fun.

After a lovely and sumptuous dinner, we, two amateurs with exhileration and apprehension, embarked on an exciting journey.

He said, “where to?”

I said, “get on the freeway first.”

Then, I thought hahaha perhaps we could go to a small shopping mall on the way. With trees it might be secluded. As we were approaching the mall, oh no, I realized it was very well-lid. I never noticed before just how bright mall gets illuminated.

Normally, if I were shopping there at night, I would welcome such safety environment.  But now that we were on the other side of the coin, that posed a problem.

So, we drove on.

Another mall came up on our right, we said, “nah, nah, too bright.”

Again, we drove on some more.

Then he said he knows of one little, kind of isolated, resting place along the way so he headed there.

Sure enough, it was a little road detoured from the main road. A few cars were parked there. He parked the car, then proceeded to take out blankets from the trunk.  After assessing the compacted space in the back seat of his sports car, we concluded it would be really cramped, if at all possible.

So we went back to the front seat.

I took off my boots and settled down, gazing up. Wow, there were all these twinkle little stars here and there as I peeked out from the moon roof. It was really pretty and romantic. It was also so deadly quiet and dark; the only light is from the moon, and the only sound is from the breeze.

I asked, “what are the cars doing here?”

He said, “they are here for what we came for.”

Well, dumb of me to ask. But hey, I saw no one in the car and heard no sound whatsoever. What were they doing, I wonder?

At that point, I felt kinda weird knowing there were audiences around, even though they probably couldn’t care less about what we were about to do.

Sign, I said, “let’s go to your place.”

So much for our naughty intentions. 🙂

We never did what we set out to do that time. We did eventually, but that is another story.

If you asked: what is the lesson to be learned here?

For one, it is not the outcome, but the journey itself.

We were like little kids climbing our first tree. It was that childlike, exploring spirit that is so appealing.

That was one of my memorable dates.

My advice to you couples.  Next time as you are driving home, make a detour and have some fun snuggling in the back seat.  You’ll love it! 

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