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Today I accompanied someone to a doctor appointment. While in the waiting room, I was forced to watch a TV program that was preset by the staff there.

It was on a local TV show, and you know those soap live shows and the program is about some young women who have had kids where the IDENTITY of the father could not be known. And I’m not kidding you there was this woman who had some 34 guys go through paternity test to find out who her kid’s daddy is.

The show was a total ridicule!

How could a woman sleep around that much, and still she sees fit to appear in a TV show to broadcast the fact that she does not have any clue as to who fathers her child?

I felt disgusted to watch as this 34th guy overjoyed to find out he is not the one after the result was declared, and this mother went to the back stage (while still being filmed) to weep while the host consoled her.

I could not believe what possibly entertainment value there is in such a crappy show, but to my surprise, the audiences on the show seem to be wild with excitement and merriment.

Why such big TV network didn’t invest their money on some more meaningful and educational shows that reflect issues around the world?

Such a waste of time and resources!


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